Land Stewardship



The Oxford County Trails Council's volunteers are committed to delivering a message to all trail users, that the preservation of the land and its species is imperative to the well-being of the ecosystem. Improved trails are planned to bring increased human traffic, with the minimum of impact, to areas of undisturbed natural habitat.

Local residents, as well as guests who are visiting Oxford County's trail system, are encouraged to enjoy all that nature has to offer, from our unique wetlands to our Carolinian forests, and the historic Thames River. We do request that all who explore our trails remain on the marked trail sytem. By doing this we can ensure that delicate plants and animal habitats are not disturbed, allowing our natural flora and wildlife to continue a healthy growth.

The Oxford County Trails Council hosts several fund-raising events each year to provide resources to keep the trail maintained. With the guidance of the regional conservation authority, we are committed to planting native species to enhance the natural beauty of the trail and to provide a buffer to help protect the natural flora in the area, while attracting birds and other wildlife to live or nest nearby.

Oxford County is situated in the Carolinian Zone or Deciduous Forest Region in southern Ontario. This region is home to an estimated 2,200 species of herbaceous plants, including 64 species of ferns, at least 110 species of grasses, and over 130 different sedge species. There are 70 species of trees alone.  We are indeed fortunate that some trails run through beautiful deciduous forests. Lawson Tract is a prime example.